Sunday in the Big Apple

I hadn’t planned on blogging today—I planned on waiting until tomorrow to post about the TODAY Show. But today turned out to be a bigger day than we had originally planned, and we took TONS of photos, so I thought I’d put up a quick post.

The only thing on the agenda this morning was church. We got up this morning and headed off. We were waiting in the taxi line, which was very long but was at least moving this time, when we started talking to the group of people behind us. Turns out they were from Utah too, also waiting to take a taxi to church. Well, the line was moving so slowly, we realized we were going to miss church if we didn’t do something else. A couple of for-hire vans were sitting there, and so we figured we’d all chip in and take a van to church. Just made it to the meetinghouse (which is in the same building as the temple) with a couple minutes to spare.

It was the Christmas program, and it was outstanding. The talent in the ward is incredible, which makes sense because many of them are professional performers. There were also lots of visitors—the room was pretty full!

After church, we decided to just walk back to the hotel at a much more leisurely pace than yesterday’s walk! Long walk but what a great way to experience NYC. We stopped by at Rockefeller Plaza and took the obligatory photo by the tree. 

We also happened upon Magnolia Bakery, which Shanna had heard about, so we had to stop and sample their cupcakes. Holy moley! We ate one cupcake and saved the other one for a treat tonight—and I think we’re going back tomorrow!

I have to say that for  a big city, New York definitely does the holidays right! There's just a fun feeling in New York during Christmas, with all the decorations and everything. I enjoy visiting during this time of year!

When we got back to the hotel, we stopped at the ticket counter to ask about tickets to the Donny and Marie Christmas show. We don’t have any plans for tomorrow night and, while we know that Broadway is dark on Monday, we were hoping that maybe they might be doing the Christmas show. Well, they did have a show, but it was the same time we had dinner reservations, so that was no good. 

“There’s a matinee this afternoon,” the ticket agent suggested. Typically, I don’t do Broadway shows on Sunday, but it was Donny and Marie! I’m a fan (although not fanatic), and I knew it would be a good, clean family show, so we decided to go. We weren’t disappointed. They spent a lot of time reminiscing and singing songs from their five-decades-long careers, and it was a fun afternoon. Even Shanna admitted it was “surprisingly good.”

Tonight we had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, and we had the same waiter as last year! What a treat! He claimed he remembered us (I’m sure he was just being kind. . . I mean, how could he really?), and we had a fun time chatting with him and enjoying the delicious food.

So now we’re back in the hotel, having done much more today than I thought we would! I was certain we’d spend most of the afternoon just in the hotel room, watching a movie. What a pleasant surprise! It’s already time to climb into bed and get ready for tomorrow!