Our TODAY Show Moment

What a fun day! It started early, of course, and it’s a good thing, because I wasn’t sleeping very well anyway—a little nervous, you know. I got dressed, did my hair and make-up, and we headed over to the Rockefeller Plaza.

We met up with some Stampin’ Up! demonstrators and their customers before the show, shared some hugs, and handed out signs, then went inside. What troopers our Stampin’ Up! friends were—they hung outside on the plaza waiting for two hours! A heartfelt thank you!

Inside, Shanna and I went to the green room and hurried up and waited. (smile) The producers checked in a couple of times, and kept asking me if I wanted make-up. We’d been told that they did make-up for inside guests, but because I was scheduled to appear on the plaza, make-up wouldn’t be available (that’s why I’d done my own so carefully). So when they kept bringing it up, I decided I must not have done as good a job as they wanted, so I said I’d be happy to visit make-up. I was relieved when the make-up and hair people told me I looked great and didn’t change a thing (other than one more quick powder brush).

When I stepped out on the plaza, I was greeted by a chorus of cheers and Stampin’ Up! friends calling out my name; I was so touched and proud of these amazing women and their dedication and enthusiasm!

Stampin’ Up!’s moment in the spotlight didn’t last long—I think it was under a minute (click here to check it out)—and I tried to mention everything that seemed important. Ann Curry was gracious, and while there are certainly things I would have done differently, I felt good about it. I’m definitely grateful we had an opportunity to participate in the toy drive and share even a few seconds of Stampin’ Up! with others.


After the show, we went back outside and took some photos with our Stampin’ Up! friends. When we went inside, Shanna and I bought a round of hot chocolate for everyone, visited, and waited for lunch—we had reservations for Shanna and I and 10 of the demonstrators.

The luncheon guests were randomly chosen from the list of those who attended). Lunch was good (more food than I could ever eat!), and the company was terrific! What wonderful people we work with!

After that Shanna and I made it back to the hotel, tired and worn out but happy. It had already been a long day, and we still had our last dinner in the Big Apple. We rested a bit, then headed back out to Spice Market, a fabulous restaurant we discovered years ago on one of our first visits. It serves delicious southeast Asian food, and the atmosphere is so great.

Full and still happy, we got back to the hotel tonight and enjoyed a lazy evening, watching a movie and stamping some Christmas tags that I brought (I always have some sort of project to work on in my down time!).

It’s been a great New York weekend, with a fun few moments on the TODAY Show, but both Shanna and I are ready to go home. Shanna has discovered that when you leave your husband behind, you miss home more than you expected! I’ve known that for years, of course. We are both excited to get back to our families!