Home Office Celebration

Today was a special day—our Christmas celebrations at Stampin’ Up! always are. We have been so busy at the home office that we decided not to do our traditional Stampin’ Up! choir; people just didn’t have time to practice for weeks before the festivities. I cried a little when I heard that—music is such a wonderful part of Christmas for me—but comforted myself knowing that I’d still be able to enjoy the  elementary school choir that was scheduled to come and sing.

I knew our official activities at the home office began around noon, and I was running a few errands before going into the office. I happened to call my assistant, and when she answered, I could hear music in the background. I teared up when she told me the school choir had already come and gone—I had looked forward to them more than I realized. The music in the background was actually employees who had gathered together to carol.

I got to the office in time to enjoy that caroling—thank goodness—and then got to share a simple holiday message with our employees. What wonderful people we have at Stampin’ Up!, both employees and demonstrators! I have felt such appreciation and gratitude for all of them this year, and it was wonderful to be able to share those feelings.

As we have traditionally done the past few years, we honored employees who had been with us 5, 10, and 15 years (the photos are in that order--we didn't have any 15-year awards in Riverton this year)! I got to give each of them a hug and personal thank you; I look forward to doing the same in Kanab on Friday when we have our Christmas celebration down there.

I hope you all enjoy these next few days as we anticipate the most joyous and holy of all holidays!