A New Family Tradition?

It’s the day before the night before Christmas. . . I can’t believe it’s here already! We’re getting ready to make Gardner family history—for the first time with our children grown and married, we’re going to spend the holidays all together, under the same roof. We’ve reserved a large cabin in the mountains, and we’re going to see how it goes. We’ll either come back with a possible new tradition or come back determined never to try anything like that again! (Here’s hoping for a new tradition!)

Part of me is wondering if it’s worth all the work—we’re busy planning meals and activities, packing suitcases, making sure we have all the bases covered for six separate families. And part of me can’t wait to be all together with my favorite people during my favorite holiday.

We’re hoping to get out the door today, so we can just relax and have fun tomorrow and the next few days. It would certainly be much easier to just stay at home and have the girls and their families come and go, but I really think this will be a wonderful experience.

I’m planning on focusing pretty much entirely on our family, so I probably won’t blog—but I’ll give a full report when we get back home! In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, full of peace and love!