A New Gardner Family Tradition

Hope your Christmas was as fabulous as mine! I took a week off from blogging—plus everything else. As I mentioned on my last blog, our whole family spent the holidays in a cabin in the mountains. I checked my messages once a day (sometimes), ignored calls from my assistant (she said she was starting to get a complex), stayed in my pajamas for several days (I did exercise and shower every day, but just climbed back into pajamas afterwards), and loved every minute of it!

And I knew we would all come back with a new family tradition or perhaps barely speaking. (Just kidding, of course—I knew we would get along great!) I’m happy to report that we have a new family tradition; we will definitely be doing this again!

I have several highlights and one lowlight and tons of photos to share!


  • Kids went sledding
  • The Whites went skiing nearly every day
  • Several of us went snowboarding
  • Puzzles, games, and movies
  • Making gingerbread houses
  • I didn’t leave the cabin! (except to step outside and watch the sledding)
  • Lots of delicious food!
  • Beautiful days (a nice mix of sunny and slightly overcast—no big storms until after we headed back home)
  • Visiting
  • The highest highlight of all—doing absolutely nothing that we didn’t want to!

Lowlight (is that a real word?)—

  • Starting the day after we got there, at least one person was sick with a fever; the last few days there were several sick Gardners.  We called it the “flu that keeps on giving.”

Just a quick note—I’m still in a semi-holiday mode, working from home. So don’t expect to hear from me too much in the next few days. Hope the rest of your holidays are wonderful!