Sam's Special Day

Our grandson Sam was baptized today. While I try to be very sensitive when I’m discussing my religion on my blog, I couldn’t let this special day pass without mentioning it—partly to let Sam know how proud we are of him and his choice to be baptized, and partly because any day spent with my family is a day worth mentioning!

 We have a couple of baptism-day traditions in the Gardner family. The boys get their first suit, and I have to say that Sam looked very smart all dressed-up, very grown-up and impressive! I participated in the short program, and I just about burst with pride as I looked out at him, listening so carefully to everything that everyone said!


The second tradition is that Sterling and I give each of the grandchildren their own set of scriptures (complete with their name engraved in gold on the covers) when they’re baptized. So it was nice to continue with that tradition and present Sam with his personal set of scriptures, which we hope will be very special to him throughout his life.

After the baptism, we all went out to eat lunch. It was so fun to watch all the cousins sitting together and chatting; even the younger ones were well-behaved.

What a beautiful blessing my family is to me—and sweet days like this are just reminders of how important our loved ones are in our life!