A Day with Dad

Yesterday I spent the day with my dad! I haven’t seen him since the holidays, so it was a wonderful opportunity to spend precious time together. What brought us together wasn’t necessarily happy—he had a cousin whose wife passed away, so we went to the funeral. I enjoy funerals because they’re unique opportunities to celebrate people’s lives and to gather as family and friends to express love and support.

But beyond that, I enjoy spending time with Dad, especially when we’re alone--and driving to and back from the funeral allowed plenty of alone time. He always makes me feel special, and he loves to share what’s going on in his life. He is such a character! He loves to talk, and even if you never say a word, he keeps the conversation flowing. (But those who know me, know that the conversation was definitely two-sided!)  I love that he’s always chasing a dream and that he shares those dreams with me.

As I dropped him off at the airport for his flight back home, I was exhausted—and so grateful. I don’t know where it gets it all; he’s an amazing man. I sure love you, Dad.