A Quiet Southern Weekend

The Workshops of a Lifetime start this week (Woo hoo!), and while I’m looking forward to those, I know it’s going to be a pretty brutal schedule. So I stole away for a long, quiet weekend in Savannah with the Browns before heading out. 

We didn’t do a lot—built train tracks with the boys, played outside, ducked out with Shalae for a quick shopping break. . . . The weather was LOVELY, although I was kind of shocked that the grass doesn’t stay green year-round. It turns brown for a few months every year; I guess it needs time to rest and rejuvenate like everything else.

Shanna happened to be in Jacksonville visiting family friends for the weekend, so on Friday we drove down there. Had fun visiting, catching up and meeting some new faces, then spent the night there.

On Saturday we headed back to Savannah, but the boys were feeling a little deprived (most of the attention had been paid to grown-ups!), so we found a shopping center that had a little train that ran through it, and while the big kids went for ice cream, the little kids and Grandma took a train ride.

The boys thought they had died and gone to heaven—and they thought Grandma was the coolest person ever! Can’t have that happen too often, can you? It was well worth the 15 minutes and $3 train ticket!

Now I’m back at it. I’m finishing up final preparations for the first Workshop of a Lifetime this week. Sara (she’s going with me to many of the workshops) and I are busy, nervous, but very excited! Check back on Wednesday night for a full report—or at least a few highlights! (And I haven’t forgotten the Q&A I promised either—it’s coming too!)