Who Said Meetings Were Boring?

I’ve spent the last two days in all-day meetings with Stampin’ Up!’s corporate team members. These meetings are part of ongoing meetings we’ve had the last several months as we’ve worked on focusing our resources on efforts that will be most beneficial to the company, our demonstrators, and our customers.

I have LOVED these meetings. I’ve learned so much, both personally and professionally, as we’ve worked through the process and realized what is most important to us. It was interesting as we worked to identify our “True North,” or what motivates and guides us as a company, to discover that we’d already identified it years ago—our Statement of the Heart. But somewhere along the line we’d lost sight of the fact that we truly exist to love what we do and then share that with others, helping them enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments.  

Using the Statement of the Heart, over the past few months we’ve identified five areas (profitability, product, business model, relationships, and service levels) that we want to focus on moving forward. After receiving more than 100 project ideas from our different departments that fit into these five areas, we realized we needed to tighten our focus even more. So late last year we decided that we would laser focus on two things—recruiting and service levels.

The meetings we’ve had the past two days have been to determine specific things we can do in these two areas. I’ve enjoyed being part of the stimulating discussions that have taken place, and am especially looking forward to what I think are very exciting things as we work to improve our relationships with our demonstrators and share Stampin’ Up! with more people.

I won’t go into details right now, but in the coming weeks and months, I’m certain I’ll share more specifics about what we’re doing. I’m already planning to post one idea we had, once we’ve shared it with our employees first in a couple of weeks. How’s that for a teaser. . .. .