Stamping on the River's Edge

I’ve said it before, and I’m certain I’ll say it about every one—this Workshop of a Lifetime was fabulous! Heading out, Sara and I were a little nervous. They hadn't found our luggage yet, so we were still wearing our travel clothes and hats to cover our hair, with a lot of prep work (which we had planned to do in the hotel, but couldn’t because our cutters and scissors were in our suitcases) still to do.

After we drove for about an hour, we entered L’Orignal and immediately felt reassured. The town is charming. And Kim’s gorgeous house, which sits on the river’s edge, was even more welcoming.

And then we met Kim, who was incredibly gracious and unselfish, the perfect hostess. She’d heard about the luggage mishap, had all the supplies we needed ready and waiting, and immediately put us at ease.

Although her guests arrived before we were completely ready, they were equally gracious as they waited patiently, and we all chatted and laughed about the challenges we’d encountered in our travels.

The actual workshop itself went off without a hitch (how could it not in such an incredible stamping room!), and the guests enjoyed making the Make & Takes. I think Kim got three bookings; I’m not sure about sales because Kim didn’t close it last night. And Sara and I could have listened to everyone talk in French (all the guests were bilingual and slipped back and forth between both languages) all night long—it’s a beautiful language!

Between the workshop and her demonstrator event, we ate dinner. Kim’s husband came home early from work (the first time he’s done that, she said) and served us a delicious dinner! Her darling girls were there as well—a simply adorable family!

More than 140 demonstrators attended Kim’s demonstrator event; we kept busy with picture taking and chatting, and it was also a wonderful experience. Kim had displays, four Make & Takes, and plenty of action. I think she signed up three recruits too! You can tell that Kim takes this business seriously, is very detail-oriented, and loves both her customers and fellow demonstrators. And they love her back!

We were sad to leave Kim and L’Orignal behind us when the evening was over. But when we arrived at the hotel and found our lost luggage sitting in our hotel room, we brightened right up! Sara did the happy dance (I wish I’d had the camera!), and we had a shower and put on CLEAN clothes for the first time in two days!  Woo hoo!