A Gung-Ho Esther


With luggage securely in hand, we headed to Toronto yesterday, and our last Canadian Workshop of a Lifetime for quite awhile. (We have one more to do in the Great White North, but it will be later because Tamye wasn’t available these past two weeks.)

This workshop was with Esther Moore, a sweetheart of a demonstrator. Anyone who is pregnant with her third child and her oldest is three deserves a medal! She is due in five or six weeks, and was darling with her two little boys. You can tell she’s a great mother!

And she’s a great demonstrator as well! She’s new (just signed up in October) and is gung ho. Believe it or not, she has a few more events scheduled between now and the birth of her baby! She got another booking last night at the workshop as well, although I’m not sure when she’ll schedule that one.

The workshop went well. Esther took seriously the challenge to have at least half of the guests be completely new to Stampin’ Up!, and so more than half of her guests she met last night for the first time. (We love when that happens, don’t we? That’s truly the magic of a workshop at work!) 

The guests seemed to like the projects; they liked it even more when I messed up. (smile) They laughed when I put the Happy Birthday card through the Big Shot without stamping it first, and they also found it amusing when I forgot to put the brad and grommet on before I started layering on the demonstration project. I asked them if they thought I was perfect, and they said “yes.” They know better now! I don’t think I’ve ever demonstrated anything anywhere without goofing up, but that just helps reassure people that anyone can do this; you certainly don’t have to be perfect! 

Esther’s guests also really liked the stenciling, which I was happy about (since it’s one of my favorite techniques). They didn’t realize how easy it was, and they loved the look it creates.

And I have to mention the custom-made Stampin’ Up! cupcakes—handmade by a friend. Esther gave her some DSP, and she went to town. Aren’t they beautiful? Almost too lovely to eat. . . . but not quite!

After the workshop, we rushed off to dinner with a small group of Esther’s demonstrator friends (upline, sideline, etc.). We were late (nobody seemed to want to leave the workshop, which is always a good sign!), but thoroughly enjoyed dinner and the conversation as well! (And thanks, ladies, for the tip about getting to the airport early! We would have never made our flight if you hadn’t warned us that it was one of the busiest travel days of the year in Canada and to get there at least three hours early.)