Announcement Photos--Check


Shanna and Jared had their announcement  photos taken yesterday. With Jon behind the camera, there were lots of fun shots to choose from!  (He and Shalae and the kids are in town for the family photo shoot for the catalog on Saturday, so it was perfect timing!)

Sean, who designed the announcement  (to die for!) helped out during the shoot; they went out to the Great Salt Lake. And now they (Jon and Sean) are working to prepare the print pieces  to go to the printers first thing.

Of course, because of the short notice (Shanna and Jared are getting married on April 10, LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY. . . BUT WE’RE NOT STRESSED OR ANYTHING!), the announcements won’t be hand-stamped at all. (Does it count that they’re being printed on our Elegant Eggplant card stock?) We just didn’t have time.

The bridal shower invitations and favors WILL be hand-stamped though; I’ll post them when we finish them.

And I’ll post a finished announcement as well, when they are hot off the press next week.

  In the meantime, here are a few of the photos Shanna and Jared didn’t choose for the announcements.

It’s very exciting to see my youngest and last daughter prepare for this singularly important event in her life. I’m sure I’ll get sentimental at some point, but there’s no time for that right now. . . .we’ve got way too many things on our list to check off!