A Delightful Day

Our day spent with Carolyn was fabulous! From the light lunch with demonstrators (where I had the best flourless chocolate cake ever!) to the evening workshop, I enjoyed every minute! And I think Sterling enjoyed it  too—he even got an ovation from the ladies for his Make & Take performance!

Carolyn has to be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met! I had no idea, but she actually had a workshop scheduled in the morning before I even arrived, and then the day’s activities with me. . .  And to top things off, her daughter (who visits her once a year for only a few days) was in town, and so I’d stolen precious daughter time as well. But you’d never know it; she was so gracious and kind. And it was fun to meet her three daughters (the other two live nearby), who are as kind as their mother!

The workshop was warm and cozy, and everyone seemed so happy to be there. We had at least three people who had never stamped before, and they LOVED discovering this new art! I enjoyed seeing the stamping bug bite. . .

They enjoyed the Make & Takes; in fact, several of the seasoned stampers let their creativity shine through, adapting an accent here and an image there; it’s always fun to see the variations people come up with.

I had fun sharing a different stamping kissing technique that several of the guests hadn’t seen before, plus when we were stamping I pointed out the wet/dry side of the Stampin’ Scrub, which several of the guests hadn’t known about either. It’s always nice when you feel like you’ve shared an “aha” moment with a fellow stamper.

Two of Carolyn’s guests discovered they’d known each other more than 20 years ago (a teenaged Madeline used to babysit Sharon’s children). And the same Sharon, who has been Carolyn’s friend for years, never attended a workshop until yesterday, but she was one of three guests who signed up as a hostess.

And during the day’s discussions with demonstrators, we shared inspiring conversations about workshops (two demonstrators mentioned how much they had enjoyed focusing on workshops in their personal businesses), products, and the many benefits of being a demonstrator. It was just a delightful day from beginning to end—once again, in large part because of the people we got to interact with throughout the day!