Hawaii R and R

When we saw that one of the Workshops of a Lifetime was in Hawaii, Sterling spoke to be my assistant for that workshop—and he also insisted that we come a little early. I didn’t argue with him at all! So we’ve been here in Hawaii enjoying the gorgeous weather, the fabulous food, and the wonderful opportunity to work (I’ve slipped quite a bit of work in between eating and resting) with a view of the beach in the background. (Can that really count as work?)

We haven’t done much else. We have taken a quick trip to Matsumoto’s (the best shaved-ice place ever!) and Cholo’s (they make a cheese, spinach, and chicken enchilada to die for!), gone to church, and just rejuvenated. If you can be boring in Hawaii, we’ve been it!

I think I’m mentally preparing for this next stretch of workshops—it will be the longest yet without returning home. We do the workshop here, then I fly from Hawaii to Georgia in a day, meet up with Sara, and do two workshops on Thursday and Friday. I get to spend Easter weekend with the Browns, and then next week I do workshops in Michigan before arriving home two days before Shanna’s wedding. We planned the bridal shower on Friday so I could be there, and the wedding is on Saturday. And then I’m off again on the next Monday for more workshops!

So I’m doing all the resting and rejuvenating I can here, while I can. Aloha!