Williams Lake Workshop


Workshop #2 was wonderful! Dinnae was amazing; she is a ball of fire! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and you can tell that she lives the Statement of the Heart—she loves what she does!

She had scheduled a group gathering in the afternoon, with about 10 people attending, counting Sara and me. Agenda items included training on downline support, recruiting, and workshops, but we ended up talking about a lot more than that! We had a fabulous discussion, and the time flew by. We could have chatted even longer, but we had to get ready for the workshop, which was was just as fun.  


Dinnae had posted flyers all around Williams Lake before the workshop, inviting new customers to come; she also had a few existing customers come (they had to bring a friend though!). We ended the workshop with three new bookings (woo hoo!). I’m not sure about sales (she hasn’t closed her workshop yet), but I think the evening was a great success! 

Dinnae was a perfect hostess and demonstrator, taking care of everybody and making sure they had everything they needed. And the guests were delightful to talk to and get to know. 

At least a third of them had never stamped before, so it was very fun to see them discover our favorite hobby! They seemed to like the projects (but would they say if they didn’t?), and Sara and I loved sharing with them.

Plus, Dinnae had this to-die-for dessert that I'd never tasted, lots of chocolate and cream. I could have slivered my life away (I kept taking "just a sliver" again and again!) I can't remember what it was called, but she said she'd send me the recipe and I'll post it for everyone.

This morning we’re headed to Workshop #3—I’ll post more about that tomorrow, I’m sure!