A Twenty-Something Crowd

We’re back at the hotel tonight after another delightful workshop. I know you are probably tired of hearing that everyone is so wonderful, but it’s true!

The people we met today at Ida’s group meeting and workshop were some of the nicest, most genuine, fun people ever! Ida is a twenty-something demonstrator, very new (signed up in December), and the majority of her workshop guests were about her same age, as well.

Her workshop was a family affair; it was great to see her family so supportive. Her father videotaped the workshop (we’ve told the demonstrators they can videotape, but they can only use the video in training for their own group), her brother took pictures, and her mother bustled in and out all night with treats.

Most of Ida’s guests knew how to stamp; they had grown up crafting and many are scrapbookers. They were so quick! Sara barely had to show them how to do the Make & Takes—they were all over it! They listened intently, and I’ve never seen such long wish lists! In fact, one guest picked up the Idea Book & Catalog and said, “This is my wish list!”

They liked the projects—we’re doing different projects at each workshop, which makes it a little challenging, but since I knew I’d be showing the samples after each workshop, I wanted each workshop to feature slightly different projects.

I think Ida’s sales were pretty good—when we left there were still a couple of guests filling out their order forms. She only got one booking, but she had two people sign up as new recruits today, so that’s very exciting!

Both Ida and one of her downline are working toward Rising Star, and I think they can do it! She’s excited and energetic, and working hard to sell, recruit, and support her growing downline. After meeting her today, I think she’s well on her way to building a thriving Stampin’ Up! business!