Spring in Calgary

When I packed to go to Canada six days ago, the weather forecast called for snow. However, when I landed in Calgary on Friday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous—and it remained that way until I left early this morning.

With no bad weather to compete with, the house was completely full for the regional, and everyone seemed to enjoy the day as much as I did! One demonstrator left earlier than anticipated—she greeted me early in the day, during check in. She was glowing and pregnant, but she certainly didn’t look as far along as she actually was. She told me that she was due in 12 days and had decided to “take the chance” and come to regional.

Unfortunately (but you really can’t say that, can you?), she was in labor and was heading back to Edmonton (a three-hour drive) to deliver. We took a quick picture together, and she headed out the door. We included her in the prayer when we blessed the food, and although I didn’t hear any updates, I can only hope that she made it home before any blessed events took place!

What an exciting way to start the day! Although none of the events the rest of the day were quite as significant as the birth of a child, I certainly felt like the day offered plenty of valuable information and training.

The regional was all about workshops, including most of the projects, and everyone seemed to love that—I know I did! The project I demonstrated, however, was definitely not make & take-able, but it’s been a tradition for me to show something I’m working on, and I am currently working on Easter ornaments to add to each of my girls’ holiday home décor.  (Of course, I’ll be making myself a set too!)

I’m showing the Pretty in Pink one, but I’m planning on making a set of four different colors—Pretty in Pink, Bashful Blue, Barely Banana, and Certainly Celery. I’m not sure when I’ll finish the 24 ornaments with all that’s going on these days, but that’s an entirely different topic that deserves a blog entry of its own!

Check back tomorrow night for exciting news!