A Shopping Day

I’ve had one full day between arriving home from the Calgary Regional and heading off to the next round of Workshops of a Lifetime—and guess how I spent it? Shopping—for a wedding dress!

Yes, I’m thrilled to announce (although it’s not news to some of you, Shanna’s been talking about it for days!) that Shanna is engaged. 

Her fiancé is Jared Bridegan, the brother of one of her best friend’s husband. They met back in October, right after she came home from her mission. Her friend’s husband actually e-mailed Shanna on her mission and told her about his brother, but Shanna wasn’t interested—too busy doing missionary work.

Then when she came home, she was kind of dating another guy. Jared flew out (he lives in Florida) for one day and they went to lunch, but Shanna wasn’t interested. Jared stayed in touch though, texting and calling, and Shanna started to pay more attention. Eventually, she flew out to Florida, and that face-to-face visit went much better than the previous one!

Jared flew out this weekend to make it official, and he happened to be here for Sterling’s big 60th birthday, a milestone that Sterling hasn’t been thrilled with. We had the kids over for dinner on Sunday, and he got a shirt to help him remember the day. Other than that, we pretty much let him ignore it.

So now you know all the details leading up to today’s shopping trip.

So all the girls but Shalae met at the first store this morning as it opened. We went to one store in Utah County, then grabbed an early lunch (we met Sterling and Jared—Sterling was taking Jared to the airport to catch a flight back home so he can wrap up things before he moves out here) before visiting two more stores. We texted photos of the dresses to Shalae, and she’d call us to share her thoughts, so while it wasn’t quite as good as her being there, she was at least a part of it.

We found dresses we liked in each of the shops, but it was at the last shop that we found THE ONE. We knew the minute she put it on that this dress was meant for Shanna. I won’t post a picture of that dress quite yet—there are a few alterations and additions that need to be made, but I’ll definitely post photos after the wedding. 

So that’s today’s big news! We’re looking forward to spending more time with Jared once he moves out here in the next week or so, and in the meantime we’re thrilled with the way he treats Shanna and that they are so much in love! She cried when they said good-bye today, and I rolled my eyes a little. They’ll be apart for a whole SIX DAYS! But then I remembered leaving Sterling and sobbing the entire two-hour flight back to school, so I do understand. It is kind of cute. . .

I’m staying up late tonight to finish preparing for this week’s two Workshops of a Lifetime. I’ll be catching a flight early tomorrow for that. So now I have to stop thinking about wedding dresses and turn my attention to stamping projects.  . . .