Memorable Micky

We’re nearing the end of one of our longest Workshop of a Lifetime weeks—four workshops in five days! But while we’re tired, Sara and I commented after the workshop last night that after spending time with Micky and her family and friends, we felt energized and refreshed. Isn’t that what happens so often at workshops?

We could tell the minute we met Micky that she was a tenderhearted woman—her eyes filled with tears when she greeted us, and she got emotional a couple of other times throughout the night, specifically when she shared her Stampin’ Story and talked about how grateful she was that she had a business that not only allowed but actually encouraged making family a priority. You could tell her family is, indeed, her top priority. Micky has five children: three grown children (one of her daughters is also a demonstrator) and five-year-old caboose twin boys! Her husband, Todd, is her biggest cheerleader—he actually made swaps for the group meeting and attended both meetings, as well as dinner. And his swap was great; I’m going to copy it and use it myself!

In addition to being tenderhearted, Micky is also young at heart. As we chatted, she talked about street skating and roller blading with the twins; she definitely exudes energy. Throughout her group meeting and workshop, she was enthusiastic and happy, quick to help whenever she could.

This is actually Micky’s second time as a demonstrator. She joined a few years ago for the discount, and then after her boys were born and she was looking for a job that would provide flexibility, she realized the potential and signed up again last November—this time with the goal of building a strong, vibrant business. When her boys head off for school, she starts working, and she’s got a great start! Her upline helped her with the group meeting, and it ran like clockwork. We did a Make & Take (I even learned a new technique!), shared stories, swapped, and took photos.

After the group meeting, we went to dinner with Micky, her family, and her upline and her family. We went to PopEye’s, so I was expecting fried chicken and biscuits. But this was a different PopEye’s—a huge restaurant (it seats something like 600!) on the shore of gorgeous Lake Geneva! Dinner was delicious and, as always, the company was superb as well. What a treat it’s been to get to know so many demonstrators and their families on a more personal level!


After dinner we headed back to Micky’s, where we enjoyed a wonderful workshop. Micky was worried that it would be crowded—she has a cozy living room, and she’d taken out the furniture and set up three tables and a demonstration desk. It worked perfectly! We were surrounded with lots of family photographs (Micky’s hobby is photography, and she’s matted all her photos on hand-stamped mats before framing them!) that created a lovely, warm atmosphere.

Micky had a great group of guests, from all areas of her life—neighbors, family , friends, and co-workers. Most of them were familiar with stamping, so we completed the Make & Take projects with no problem. She got four bookings (woo hoo!), and her sales were the highest that we’re aware of (we don’t always know the total because some workshop don’t close the same night). We left, as I mentioned, feeling happy, refreshed, and excited—it’s amazing what a workshop can do!