Meet Southern Hospitality

I might have left the Aloha Spirit behind me in Hawaii, but I flew right to the world of Southern Hospitality—which is alive and well in Georgia! What a great group of people I met at the workshop yesterday.

Of course, I have to start with the woman who won the Workshop of a Lifetime—LaMuir Baze, a delightful mother of four. . . and did I mention they were quadruplets?! LaMuir’s husband is in the military and has been deployed several times (he’s currently in Afghanistan, scheduled to return late this year or early next year), so LaMuir is organized and efficient PLUS warm and welcoming! A wonderful combination.

Her workshop was full of other mothers and military wives, several of whom were newbies. The projects were simple, but I really like them, especially our Happy Birthday Make & Take. And the guests seemed to be impressed as well. I heard a couple say that LaMuir had invited them to come to workshops before but they hadn’t been able to make it—and they had no idea what they were missing! (Love to hear stuff like that. . . ) LaMuir got four bookings (Woo hoo!), plus I saw her showing one guest a recruit kit, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The workshop included a light lunch, and I so enjoyed the conversations—you never would have guessed we’d all met just a few minutes earlier. We talked mostly about mothering and children and all the wonderful joys and challenges that we all face. It really felt like we were just a group of good friends. . . exactly what I love most about a Stampin’ Up! workshop!

It’s spring break plus Easter weekend here in the South, so most of the women had children home from school. Kids were outside selling lemonade, and LaMuir’s quads and their friends wandered in and out a couple of times—it was a very delightful, cozy, spring-ish feeling!  

LaMuir’s demonstrator event was equally warm and friendly, and a bit bigger. There were more than 80 guests, and she’d patterned the event after a regional. . . demonstrations and stamping and goodies and lots of sharing and friendship. I enjoyed taking photos with people (LaMuir and her friends had created a fabulous photo op corner!) and chatting and just being with people I love!