Breakfast and Awards

I work with great people! And I am reminded of it all the time, but never more than during our annual employee appreciation breakfast. Most years we space the two breakfasts out a bit, but this year we scheduled them back to back because of the tight Workshops of a Lifetime schedule.

So I got up in the wee hours of the morning (around 3 a.m.!) yesterday and drove (well, Dale and Rich took turns driving) down to Kanab so we could cook breakfast down there and honor our dedicated employees. Then I got up early this morning so I could be at work by 6 a.m. and start breakfast in the home office. (All the Corporate Team members participated in the breakfast here.)

It’s a treat to serve these wonderful men and women who work so hard all year long. Breakfast is a small thing, but it means a lot to me to walk around, refill their glasses, and thank them for everything they do! It was especially meaningful this year because I’ve been on the road so much in the last few weeks that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen most of them.


We also take this opportunity to present our annual Heart of Stampin’ Up! awards. These are awards given to employees (who have been nominated by their coworkers) who go the second mile, who do that little (and sometimes lot!) something extra.

Usually I read the nominations myself, but this year was different—because Sara was with me last week doing the Workshops of a Lifetime, I had her read them while I drove from one workshop to the next. It was interesting to share the insights I always gain when I read the nominations. She would often have to stop and clear her throat. I realized that I wasn’t the only cry baby in the family (I guess I already knew that!), and I also realized that I’m not the only one touched by the loyalty our employees feel toward Stampin’ Up! and toward each other.

Nomination after nomination told of employees who care for each other, who reach out and help others succeed, who care about what we’re doing and are committed to doing it. It was wonderful to hear of our Stampin’ Up! family members who really are trying to live the Statement of the Heart.

I want to congratulate this year’s Heart of Stampin’ Up! employee winners: Julie Daley, one of our quality control professionals in Kanab; Irais Moreno, our facilities services supervisor in Riverton; Krishna Golakoti, an IT genius; and Rett Christensen, one of our finest Demonstrator Services employees! They truly are wonderful people who work hard every day to make sure Stampin’ Up! does it’s best.

And to be honest, there are many, many of our employees who could be recognized with this award, who live the ideals and principles of the Statement of the Heart. Like I said, I work with great people. So while I’ve had to get up very, very early the last two mornings—I’d do it again tomorrow if it meant that I could spend time with these people I care so deeply about. . . .