Exciting News!

OK, believe it or not, I’m sitting on the side of the road, halfway between Salt Lake City and Pocatello, Idaho. I’m on my way to Kathy’s Workshop of a Lifetime  and I stopped to grab a sandwich and realized I haven’t told you my fun news—and I can’t wait any longer.

I’m expecting my 14th grandchild! Well, it’s not me, of course. Sage and Jason are expecting; it’s been a long time coming, and we are so excited! She’s almost through the first trimester, and we hope that the morning  (and afternoon and evening and night) sickness will be ending soon.

She told me quite a while ago that I could share the news, and she wanted me to announce it before cruise, so if anyone sees her leaning over the edge of the ship, they’ll know what’s going on. I keep forgetting to post it, and since I knew tomorrow I’d be blogging about Kathy, I had to do it right now.

Congratulation, Sage and Jason!