Sharon's Southern Workshop

I think I've got my problems worked out, and I can post this now! (sigh) I feel a little strange posting this on Easter, but I want to get it up because it was such a wonderful experience. So I'll just start out by saying that I hope you're all having a special Easter Sunday!

So. . . I don’t know if you’re like me, but before just about any event—including the Workshops of a Lifetime—I always feel a little bit nervous. I’m not sure how things are going to go, how people will be, how I’ll do. . . all sorts of worries. You never feel that way, do you? (smile)

Friday night was no different, and as we drove up to Sharon’s house, we saw two women walking in. They were dressed very nicely, and immediately, I worried that we were underdressed. One more thing to be anxious about.

I should have known better. From the first warm hug I received when I walked in the door, I knew the night would be fabulous—and it was! Sharon is simply a dear! You could tell immediately that this was a special night for her, and she had truly gone the second (and third and fourth!) mile.

Her home was decorated for both the workshop and her group event in beautiful spring colors and fresh tulips. She had catered a fantastic dinner for her group event, which was small, intimate, and wonderful! The food was unbelievable, the service was great, and the group was the best! We ate and visited—and completely lost track of time. People had started to arrive for the workshop before we were quite ready!

And the night continued to be wonderful as the workshop began. Almost half of Sharon’s guests were new to stamping, which is always fun to watch as people discover their stamping creativity. We taught kissing (on the Make & Take) and two-stepping (on the demonstration project), and everyone fell in love with the color spritzer tool! I am loving the April promotion and the Awash with Flowers set; I could use the set for projects all month long!

And having both Sara and Shalae with me was a bonus; it’s so fun to do these workshops with my daughters! Sara took charge of the Make & Take, Shalae was the go-to girl, and I got to talk with the guests more than I normally would, which was a real treat! The entire evening, from beginning to end, was a ball—and I think successful too. Sharon got three bookings and I hope some good sales as well!