One of Those Days



Yesterday was simply one of those days—really and truly! I got to bed at midnight the night before, and had to be up by three to get to the airport to catch my flight for Arkansas, and the last Workshop of a Lifetime (with Megan Wheeler) for a few months. (The last two aren’t scheduled until August.) I arrived in Little Rock with plenty of time to spare, and I was feeling confident. “I’ll have plenty of time to get to the hotel, repack (I always carry the absolute essential stamping supplies with me just in case my luggage doesn’t arrive), review my projects, grab lunch, and get to Megan’s workshop,” I thought.

Then the fun began. I stood in a long line to get the rental car, lugged my suitcases out to the car and loaded it up, then plugged in Garmina (our fun nickname for our GPS). She, meaning Garmina, didn’t work. I tried all the outlets, fumbled around, tried everything I could think of, and she still didn’t work. So, I went back inside, still thinking I’ve got enough time, stood in the long line again, and got another car. Went outside, unpacked the first car, walked to the second car, packed it up, and plugged in Garmina. Nothing.

Now I’m wondering if the problem is with Garmina, not the cars. So I stop a passing motorist and ask him if I could plug Garmina into his car. Although he probably thought I was slightly odd, he agreed, and Garmina worked fine in his car. So I headed back inside, now starting to panic—my comfort zone of time had slipped away.

Third time was the charm (or so I thought), as Garmina finally worked in the third car, and I hurried on my way. I mentally started going through my list and checking the things I didn’t have time to do anymore—review my projects, grab lunch (hadn’t eaten for hours). . . oh, well. At least I’d gotten all the bad luck out of the way early, I thought.

Ha! I followed Garmina’s directions and ended up in a vacant lot. Seriously. A vacant lot. There was nothing there. Nothing. I called the hotel, now totally panicked. I was going to be late to the workshop. Me, the head of the company, the person who is supposed to have everything down pat, was going to walk into the workshop late.

I finally found the hotel (no thanks to Garmina!), stood in line again, raced to my room to repack for the workshop, and frantically rushed off to Megan’s. And once again, things went wrong. Garmin had me turning places where there were no streets, going places that didn’t exist.

Needless to say, by the time I arrived at Megan’s, I was a mess—I wanted to lay down and die! I walked in and all the guests are sitting there in a semicircle, patiently eating snacks—and waiting. I breathlessly unpacked, making jokes about one advantage of being late is at least you know where the workshop is—it’s where all the cars are parked.

Everyone was so gracious and kind. And I was grateful it was Megan and not anyone else, because she is the epitome of calm and cool. I had a chance to visit with her on the incentive trip a couple of weeks ago, and seeing her yesterday just reassured me that all was well and that everything would be OK. She has a sweet, soothing presence, which I was so grateful for!

From there on, things went better—mostly. I was frazzled and had problems with my builder wheel—I couldn’t get it to work, despite the fact that I had used it at home AND at the hotel the night before. Just wouldn’t work.

But I had saved some of my favorite projects for this last workshop (I’ll be designing new projects for the August workshops), and everyone seemed to like them, especially the Make & Take.  I enjoyed being with Megan and her customers—what a great group! Because it was the last workshop for awhile, we had a few more drawings because I gave away the extra incentive stamps and spots. I noticed that all four of the booking cards were gone too, so that’s good!

Megan’s demonstrator event last night was the bomb! She is organized and takes her business very seriously, and she planned an incredible event. It was themed, using all the tropical island products from the Summer mini (pages 26-27); the cake was the Designer Series paper, and it was amazing. There were demonstrations and Make & Takes for the 75 or so demonstrators and guests using the same products. The atmosphere was bright and fun, the group was lively and friendly, and it was a wonderful way to end this portion of the Workshops of a Lifetime!