Shelby's Princess Party

I had to share the highlight of my day yesterday with you. On the way home from the office, I stopped by Sara’s house. Shelby was having a birthday party, and the house was full of five-year-old princesses! Sara had invited me to stop by, and I was so glad I did.

I knew I couldn’t stay long—I actually got there late and left early—but the few minutes I was there made my heart sing. The festive mood was set by the pink banner on the front door.

Inside were about 10 little girls dancing around wearing pink tulle tutus (Sara had made them, with our own Stampin’ Up! ribbons as accents) and crowns they’d made themselves, enjoying their party favors. (Sara had used our own Princess Party Kit, so I was partial, but I really did think everything looked adorable!)

I didn’t stick around for Shelby to open up all her presents, but it looked like she’d made quite a haul! And the princess party theme had carried over to the gifts; they all looked pretty girly-girl!

I needed to feel that five-year-old energy yesterday; I left way earlier than I would have liked, but feeling happy and lighthearted! That’s what hanging around a houseful of princesses will do to you!