¿Habla Usted Español?

I know I’m more than a week late, but I always post about the regionals I attend, and I couldn’t not mention our first-ever regional in Puerto Rico, which took place the Saturday (April 24) before we headed off on the incentive trip!

What a wonderful experience! I got teary-eyed more than once as I met with these inspiring, gracious people. First, during my opening remarks when I looked out at the audience; it was an impressive group for our first-ever Hispanic regional! I could feel their excitement for being there, and I was overwhelmed.

Second, I teared up a little as I watched the Workshops Wows, which are scattered throughout the regional. Because it was a Hispanic regional, we had Spanish translation services for any presentations made in English, including mine. But we didn’t have any English translation services for anything presented in Spanish.

The Workshops Wows were presented by our own lovely Hispanic demonstrators, and I was reminded again of what I’ve already known—creativity knows no language! We don’t need to know the same language to watch someone create a fun project and to be inspired and excited by what we see.

The language certainly did add a different aspect to this regional, though. We were all a little more nervous than we might otherwise be because of the different languages. But no one laughed when we tried to say a few phrases in Spanish, and everyone was so appreciative of our efforts to communicate.

We also had a larger group of guests at this regional, probably about half. It reminded me of regionals in the United States years ago. It’s fun to be reminded of our early years. . .

I’m posting three projects, which I showed. Enjoy! I planned on showing one more project—a Father’s Day project—but I forgot a critical supply and so I couldn’t. I promised those in attendance that I would complete it once I got home and post it on the blog, so watch for that in the next few days. . . .

I’ll also be posting about the cruise in the next day or two, before heading off on another Workshop of a Lifetime. We’re heading down the home stretch on those, and while I’m looking forward to being home (and in the office) a little more, a part of me will miss meeting people face-to-face so often. I’ve loved that!