All About the Demonstrators

 Although it feels almost like it didn’t happen (I’ve been so busy since we’ve returned!), I had to blog about the incentive cruise last week! What a great opportunity to spend time with some wonderful demonstrators!

As is tradition, our family (the adults—daughters and their husbands) went, although we did miss Nate and Megan; he couldn’t get away from work. Sean and Jon took literally hundreds of photos of the demonstrators, and Brian (our own Stampin’ Up! videographer) took hours of footage, and those will be available for the home office to use in all sorts of ways.

I decided not to post any demonstrator photos, however, because as soon as I started looking through them, I realized I couldn’t post one without posting hundreds! I would want to make sure every qualifying demonstrator was recognized, and that’s just not realistic! (If you want to see demonstrator photos, I’m sure dozens of demonstrators have blogged about their adventures on Royal Caribbean’s Adventures of the Sea.)

I’ve chosen to post a few family pictures, although this cruise was not about family! I made it very clear at the general session that we wanted demonstrators to visit with us. While we were there as a family, our main focus was our demonstrators—recognizing and thanking them for all their hard work over the past year. I was thrilled that many demonstrators did exactly that, pulling up a chair to chat for a few minutes, walking alongside me on the beach, stopping me on the street when we were docked. . . . I never got tired of visiting with demonstrators. 

The ship was larger than some we’ve been on, so I didn’t see demonstrators as often as I would have liked. Cruise highlights for me were the exclusive Stampin’ Up! events (welcome session, general session, the midnight Make & Take), but we don’t schedule a lot of those, because the cruise really is about giving some of our top achievers a well-deserved vacation! The pillow gifts are always fun to see too. Again, these are a great way to recognize our demonstrators, and because I don’t always know what pillow gifts have been selected, I enjoy seeing what each day’s special treat is. I especially liked the purse (the grand finale pillow gift) on the last day—what a great way to catch people’s attention and start a conversation about Stampin’ Up!


I hope everyone enjoyed it—I know I did. Every cruise is different, and a lot of people have favorite cruise food, or cruise activities, and even cruise lines. My attitude is when someone is serving you meals, making your bed, and cleaning up after you 24/7, it can’t get better than that—no matter where you are!