Warm in Arizona

I’m in Arizona today, attending a National Advisory Council retreat for Brigham Young University. I’m attending a few sessions, and yesterday I actually taught one session myself! The group was small but fun; we made a couple of Make & Takes and I talked a little bit about creativity and papercrafting . It’s always fun to introduce people to the art of stamping!

Since I’m not presenting today, I think I’ll be able to relax a bit more—and maybe fill my cup a little too! I’ve already attended a session or two that have enlightened me, touched me, and strengthened me. And this morning, I took a fabulous walk outside—you know I’m a warm weather girl, so the clean, fresh desert air was invigorating. I’m glad I came.

Tomorrow is another workshop of a lifetime; we’re winding down a bit—only seven left! (The last two are actually scheduled in August, because schedules just wouldn’t work out and we had to postpone them.) I’ll let you know how it goes. . . .