Convention Is Coming!

Last week we had our Australian convention, and it got me all excited for our US/CAN convention, coming up in July! Hands-down, convention is one of my absolute favorite Stampin’ Up! events, and I am already looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with our wonderful demonstrators and feel the incredible excitement and motivation that always accompanies every convention.

Someone recently asked me, Why should a demonstrator attend convention?

While the question certainly made sense (after all, much of the information and training offered at convention can be found online), a long list of things came flooding into my mind—and I wanted to share them with you!

Certainly the opportunity to see new products being used for the first time is valuable. Watching people demonstrate how things work—and in some instances having the opportunity to do a little hands-on experimenting yourself—opens your mind to all sorts of exciting possibilities where new products are concerned.

The project ideas that are shown at convention are staggering. Besides the dozens of things you see on stage, there are literally thousands of projects shown on the display boards and in the marketing areas. I’m convinced you could find every project idea you need for the next year at convention!

The recognition and rewards that take place at convention are truly inspiring. The pride and excitement I see in our demonstrator’s eyes and on their faces when they march across the stage (and you didn’t think I was paying attention when I was back stage, did you?) makes me smile—and sometimes even tear up. And the Awards Night is a convention highlight for me—the chance to see demonstrators rewarded for significant achievements in their Stampin’ Up! career.  

There’s also classes taught by your peers, demonstrators who are going through what you’re going through and who have great ideas to share. There are classes taught by our professional training staff, who offer valuable tips and hints on how to strengthen your business in every aspect.

In addition, there’s our annual game show, live entertainment, prize patrols, the Memento Mall, the convention bag and Make & Takes (all that free stuff!)—none of which are even available online. The list goes on and on. . .

But by far, the most valuable aspect of convention for me is the intangible experience that takes place as we gather together, face to face, and share Stampin’ Up! with each other. The groups of demonstrators swapping in hotel lobbies, in the convention lobby, in corners of the hallways and at tables in the Gathering Place. . . I LOVE walking through that electric environment and seeing the creativity and camaraderie at work!

The  impromptu conversations that take place between new friends and old friends, as we discuss what we love most about Stampin’ Up!, and also what’s hard and challenging—then share stories and solutions and support.

And the opportunity you get to spend valuable time (sometimes even into the wee hours of the morning) with your fellow demonstrators. Women who get what you’re about, who share your passion for stamping and creating, who understand more than anyone else the role Stampin’ Up! has played in your life.

If you haven’t signed up to spend a few days with us in Salt Lake City in July, do it today—you won’t regret it. Convention is one of the most fun, exciting, and inspiring events we offer—I can’t wait to share another convention experience with you!