Wedding Photos

After Shanna’s wedding in April, I promised I’d post a link to the photographer’s site so you could see at least some of the wedding photos. And then life happened, and that promise slipped my mind.


Last week while we were at Lake Powell, I looked through the wedding photos for the first time. There were hundreds, and they brought back wonderful memories of a beautiful day. They also reminded me of my promise to you.

So here are the photos. I was going to just post a link to Scott Foust’s (the photographer) site [Click here], but there were several photos we really liked that he didn’t include on his site, so I figured I’d post some as well as include the link.

I tried to keep the focus on Shanna and Jared—after all, it was their special day. But Shanna insisted I include one photo of just me, the one wearing bright white booties. The story behind the photo is short and sweet—it was a crisp morning and when we walked around the temple grounds to take pictures, I wanted to keep my feet warm, so I put on my white booties, and then my high heels. Everyone thought it was hilarious, and the moment was captured in a photo so my family (and now you!) could tease me about it forever! (smile)

Thanks for sharing in this wonderful day with me all over again!