Off to Monaco

Just finished packing for what may possibly be my last long trip for several weeks—I’m so excited! This summer I intend to stick pretty close to home. . . a few family reunions, convention (of course!), and maybe a ride or two with Sterling.

For now, however, Sterling and I are heading to Monaca for our first-ever (woohoo!) Europe incentive trip. I’m not packing my computer; I’ve lugged it with me the past several trips and, except for taking it out of the case to go through security at the airport, never touched it, so I got smart. Besides, we’ll be traveling two days (to and from) and have three busy days there, so I don’t think I’ll have time to blog anyway.

I look forward to sharing the experience when I’m back though. I’m so excited to see our wonderful demonstrators and to enjoy this opportunity to reward and recognize their outstanding efforts. Talk to you then!