Happy Father's Day

We had a full house tonight to celebrate the fathers in our family! Everyone was together except for Sage and Jason and Kona (we missed them!), so there was a lot going on! The weather was beautiful, and the grandchildren were running in and out all evening; they had great fun playing together. The grown-ups got to sit inside and chat, and it was wonderful—and a little crazy!

I showed you the briefcase cards I made for Sterling and the boys and the fathers in my life several weeks ago, but I thought I’d show you one photo of the finished projects. It was fun to get six such different-looking cards from one packet of Designer Series paper!

The boys all loved the cards—and they especially loved the beef jerky! That is a Father’s Day tradition for us, so they all knew what they were getting (no need to wrap the gift!). And they were looking forward to it. Gary West Jerky is the most delicious jerky I’ve ever tasted, but it’s kind of pricey, so we only splurge once a year.

So even though it’s late, I do want to say Happy Father’s Day to any demonstrators who are fathers—or any other father who happens to read this post! You’re amazing people, and we couldn’t live without you!