A Sara Shadow

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m home and at the office more than I have been in the past several months. I love it! It’s wonderful to be back in the office, attending meetings, and interacting with people more than I have been able to recently.

And I’ve enjoyed an added bonus this week—Sara has been going to work with me most days. When she and Sean chose to move back to Utah last year after he earned his master’s degree, one of the main reasons is because they both wanted to be more involved in Stampin’ Up! Sara has been a demonstrator for years, and she’s has always worked in the company—primarily as a creative assistant before she and Sean moved to Washington. But now that her children are older (and she’s found someone she trusts to watch the two youngest a few days a week), she is coming into the office a little more.

The plan right now is to have her shadow me, as well as other people in the company, attend meetings, and become even more familiar with what Stampin’ Up! is all about. Now before you rush to any conclusions, she isn’t planning on taking over my job (although I’m certain she’d do a wonderful job)—I have no intention of retiring any time soon! But I’m thrilled to have any of my girls who are interested work alongside me.

We’re not certain what role she’ll end up playing; for now, it’s just great to ride into work with her, brainstorm together, chat about things, and just spend wonderful time together. Can you think of anything more fun than working with your daughters?