Gardner Greetings

Like many of you, we try to send out a family newsletter every year, updating people about what’s going on in the Gardner family and including a recent photo.

Also like many of you, we used to send our newsletter out around Christmastime. However, several years ago I realized that for me the Christmas update just made the holidays even more hectic, so I decided to send out the Gardner Greetings in the spring. That worked for a year or two, then it slipped to the summer, and last year I didn’t send one out at all!

This year I promised myself I’d get it sent out. And I’m making progress! Here’s the designed letterhead, which is step 1! Step 2 is finding a few hours to stamp them all. And step 3, of course, is to write the letter.

I was going to wait to post it until I got it completely done, but I could see it slipping later and later into the year, and I hope that by posting the designed letterhead, I’ll put a little pressure on myself to get this done—plus share a stamped project!