So Glad I Went

When we headed to Panguitch Lake for our annual Larsen family reunion late last week, I questioned whether everyone was right and maybe I should have stayed home and worked, but after a few days in the cool mountain air and lots of visiting with family, I’m so glad I went!

Shalae and Jon slept in Sage and Jason’s trailer with them and Kona. They all like to sleep in a little and the Brown children don’t know how to sleep when the sun is up, so we thought it would be fun to keep the Brown children with us. Besides, that’s all the room we had in our trailer.  

Each morning the children climbed into our bed to snuggle with us and stay warm while the rest of the camp slept. Here you can see Ashton, Cooper, and Phoebe playing games on our phones while Grandpa and I tried to enjoy a few more moments of morning quiet time.

The women and teenage girls usually craft on one of the days, but because the reunion was before convention, I didn’t have time to put together a fun craft. Vonna, however, brought supplies for the little girls to make sock dolls and a blanket. Actually, the moms did most of the sewing, but the girls loved helping and playing with the dolls.

The days were beautiful with a few rain showers in the afternoon. There were bike rides down the mountain, mini four-wheeling and Jeep adventures, and scenic walks around the camp grounds. Most of all there was a lot of visiting around campfires and watching the kids play with their cousins.

I love this reunion because it’s not too far away and it’s so relaxing! I even took a couple of afternoon naps. And although I didn’t work as much as I’d planned, I’m refreshed and ready for a busy week ahead.