Convention II--The Sequel

Okay, I was looking through my convention photos and found these few stragglers that I thought were cute and forgot to include them in my original convention post.

We took a couple of these while we were working on one of the Definitely Decorative rooms in the Demonstrator Resource Center. (You’ll notice who’s doing the work while the girls are sitting and watching.)

The other photo was taken during the Flower Power party. Groovy huh? Can you tell which handsome guy is Sterling?

 The other thing I want to do is make a quick clarification.

My closing remarks in the last general session talked about change, and the fact that we will be making changes at Stampin’ Up! in the coming weeks and months. We’re working hard to identify exactly what those changes will be—and we’ll share those changes with you as we finalize them.

I’m very excited about our future and what’s in store, and I hope that my excitement came across when I spoke. I knew that my remarks might cause people to start speculating about exactly what changes would be in store, and I tried to anticipate what kind of rumors might start flying. One rumor I didn’t anticipate AT ALL was that I might be retiring! That is a change that I would definitely NOT be excited about, so I thought I’d at least put that one to rest!

You’re stuck with me for a long time, that’s all I can say! Stampin’ Up! is such a big part of my life—along with my family, of course—and I can’t imagine my life without all of you! So, you can stop wondering about that change.

And as for the other rumors that are flying. . . .well, all I can say is stick around! My time right now is almost completely devoted to finalizing the vision and direction for the future, and you’ll know more soon!