A Delightful Afternoon

I just finished a delightful afternoon sitting in my backyard, listening to the birds chirp, and chatting with some of my favorite people in the whole world—our Stampin’ Up! demonstrators!

At convention, we invited demonstrators in attendance to sign a recruiting challenge. More than 2,000 did so, committing to recruit a specific number (they picked the number) of recruits by the end of August.

Over the past few days, several dozen employees have been following up with these demonstrators, to encourage them and check on their progress. I received my list of 20 demonstrators to call and decided to call them this afternoon.

I left 12 voice messages, got 2 disconnected numbers, and chatted with 6 real-live people, demonstrators who were initially surprised when I identified myself (I heard a couple of gasps), then excited to share their progress with me. It was so wonderful to hear their goals, talk about how they plan to meet those goals, and just connect.

One demonstrator has signed up three new recruits already! Another has scheduled two workshops with several new customers (she was also running around preparing for a group meeting tonight!), and she’s hoping she’ll get a recruit from that. A third told me she was very close to signing up her new recruit, and she would report in person at the Ft. Worth Regional.  

The next told me that she has quit her job and decided to focus on Stampin’ Up! full time—she set a goal to walk on stage next year! (Woo hoo!) Another one attended convention with her husband, who commented how nice it would be to work at a company where everyone seemed to be so happy and enjoy what they were doing. And the last demonstrator mentioned that she has started sharing her story much more often than before; she didn’t even realize there were people in her downline who hadn’t heard it! She’s already thinking about the people she will be meeting in the coming days and weeks as her children start school, and how she can share her story with them as well.

That’s what we need—this top-of-mind awareness of what we have to share with others and the happy difference it can make in their lives.

And after spending the day in such a delightful way, I decided that I need to call our demonstrators more often! I used to do that, just pick up the phone and talk with a few random demonstrators, but I haven’t done it for a long time. I’ve missed it!