Workshops of a Lifetime Snuck Up on Me!

I have just one question—where did the summer go? I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway into August! I guess it has something to do with July being pretty much consumed with Convention. . . .

And guess what? Somehow my last two Workshops of a Lifetime snuck up on me! When I looked at the calendar a few days ago, I realized my next one (in Florida) is coming up this weekend, and my last one (in Edmonton) is next weekend!

So after meetings all week, I figured I’d better get down to some serious business today! I have a project or two to work on! I always enjoy posting the projects on my blog, and I hope you enjoy seeing them! So that’s pretty much my focus today—finish up my Workshop of a Lifetime projects, at least the ones for this weekend—and pack. Because I head off to Palmetto and Christopher Walker’s workshop tomorrow! I’ll give you a full report this weekend!