Our Guest, Beth

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, this past week was pretty full of work and meetings. However, we have had a house guest the past week as well.

Beth, a friend of Shalae and Jon’s from Savannah, has spent the week with us, and it’s been delightful to get to know her better. I would have liked to spend a bit more time with her, but I had to settle for snippets of time here and there until this weekend, when we finally got to STAMP!

Yes, you heard me. On Saturday, we spent several hours in sheer heaven, stamping to our little hearts’ content! I can’t remember the last time I stamped for the pure joy of stamping! It seems I’m usually stamping with a purpose in mind—either a regional project or an onstage demonstration for convention or leadership, or a project with a deadline of some sort.

In addition to stamping, I got to sleep in, go to yoga (my favorite form of exercise, which I don’t participate in nearly as often I’d like because my schedule is too full!), and just relax all day on Saturday. We ended Saturday with a neighborhood gathering, which was nice as well.

Sunday was another very relaxing day. We went to church, had a quiet dinner, and bid farewell to Beth. It was a great weekend, one that I’ve been looking forward to (and needed) for weeks!