An Edmonton Ending

Wrapped up my last Workshop of a Lifetime yesterday by spending several jam-packed hours in Edmonton, Alberta, with Tamye Dunbar. What a perfect way to end this whole wonderful Workshop of a Lifetime experience!


I started the day off with Tamye’s workshop. At least half the guests were newbies, and most of them didn’t know Tamye. She’d invited her window washer’s daughter, a next-door neighbor who had just moved in, friends of customers. . . you get the idea. Basically she did exactly what we encourage our demonstrators to do—bring up Stampin’ Up! in everyday conversations and invite people to find out more by attending a workshop.

Because the group had so many newbies, it was especially fun to demonstrate the project and Make & Take—there are plenty of “aha” moments when someone is just discovering stamping! I saw lots of eyes light up and smiles as people found out how easy it is to be creative! Tamye actually booked eight workshops and has one potential recruit—not bad for one workshop!

The demonstration card features one of my favorite sets (Notably Ornate), which I’ve got to stop using! It’s time to move on and find a new favorite set! And I had to add that row of mini glue dots with glitter because I LOVE bling! Everyone else liked the look too.

The Make & Take features Stampin’ Pastels and the poppin’ pastels technique, which I also love to teach.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the workshop. . . of course, they’re not going to tell me if they didn’t, would they? (smile) I know I enjoyed it!

In between the workshop and Tamye’s downline meeting, we had a fabulous summer luncheon in Tamye’s backyard, which was absolutely beautiful—the perfect setting! Tamye’s friend catered the meal, and it was to die for! I can’t even begin to list all the goodies. . .

After that we hit the Extravaganza—a group meeting that Tamye holds three or four times a year. What an honor and privilege to be part of it! And extravaganza is certainly the right word for it—she (and I’m certain she had help!) had Make & Takes and displays and workshop wows. . . everywhere you looked, something fun was going on. One of the Make & Takes was a frame, decorated with Décor Elements, complete with a black-and-white picture of me with each guest—that means I got to meet every demonstrator there, which I absolutely loved!

A highlight of the Extravaganza was when Tamye’s daughter, eight-year-old McRae, cut her hair. She has never cut it before, so it was incredibly long, but she has spent the last several months planning all sorts of fundraisers (she’s actually earned thousands of dollars) for a family friend who has cancer. Tamye’s group has been very supportive, so McRae chose to do the final “event” at the Extravaganza. She will donate her hair (which was well over a foot long, I think) to a cancer organization that makes wigs. McRae, along with Tamye and her husband, Jason, plan on presenting this friend the money that she has earned today—it was a tender experience to be part of that moment.

The whole day was absolutely incredible, and as I mentioned, the perfect way to end this wonderful experience. I have to admit that the last two workshops(last weekend and this weekend) were a little more relaxing than the others—although I enjoyed them all! It was kind of tough doing several workshops a week, when I was catching flights or driving several hours each day to get from one workshop to another. But overall the experience was worth every minute—even getting lost, losing luggage, and making plenty of bloopers in front of customers and demonstrators. I wouldn’t mind doing another workshop or two (or more) sometime in the future (and no, that’s not an official announcement. . . )!