Visiting the Dinosaurs


Ever since the Browns came home from Savannah at the beginning of the summer, I have been promising them a trip to Thanksgiving Point’s Museum of Ancient Life—the largest dinosaur museum in the world! And it’s right in our back yard!

I’ve taken all the other grandchildren there at some point in time, so the Brown children knew it was their turn! And since the boys start preschool tomorrow, I had run out of time—today it was!

As with all the other Thanksgiving Point trips, we had a wonderful time! The children had seen photos from the trips I’ve taken with the other kids, so they had an idea of what to expect. . . but seeing it all in real life was so much more exciting. The boys ran from one thing to another, calling me to their side with such enthusiasm! And little Phoebe, who always mimics her big brothers, would run after them, and with such theatrics and drama, echo their calls—“Grandma, come here! Look!” It was adorable!

For lunch we had dinosaur nuggets, and then each of the children got to choose a souvenir from the gift shop—Ashton got a snake that was longer than he is tall, Cooper chose a dinosaur, and Phoebe a book. I wore them out—I had to fight to keep Phoebe awake on the 15-minute ride home, pretending that the toy dinosaur was nibbling her feet and all sorts of other things to keep her from drifting off. When we got home, she took a three-hour nap!

So, another Thanksgiving Point success! I love that place!