Kanab Picnic

Yesterday I drove down to Kanab (about a 4-hour drive) for our annual summer picnic there. It’s not really a picnic. . . they cater lunch (this year we had yummy chicken) and enjoy each others’ company. They have potluck lunches occasionally in Kanab, so this is special because it’s a meal that they don’t have to prepare or set up or clean up or do anything but just enjoy . . . .

The chicken was delicious, although it wasn’t nearly as delightful as the company! I always look forward to spending time with our employees in Kanab because they are down-to-earth, dedicated people who work hard and are gracious and grateful. I certainly felt that yesterday!

I wandered around from table to table, chatting and taking pictures. They’re all used to me by now—and they know the drill. They know it’s not even worth protesting that they don’t want their picture taken; they’ve tried it before and it gets them nowhere! So when they see me coming, they smile (some of them grimace) and get it over with!

I was able to get photos of most of them (a few weren’t there and I might have missed a few, although I tried hard to snap pictures of everyone!); that’s why there are so many photos. When we have our summer picnic in Riverton next week, I won’t be able to show everyone—we just have too many employees up there. But in Kanab, I can post most of their faces, and I’m grateful for the chance to honor them and thank them for all that they do for Stampin’ Up!—and for me!

I have to mention the drive down and back as well. Several members of the Corporate Team had indicated an interest in going (Dave Baugh was already down there), and I wasn’t sure who was actually going to make it. I was the last one to be picked up, and when I climbed into the car, I saw Rich (our new president), Scott (our CFO), and Chad (our IT vice president), and I thought—very briefly—hmmmm, the numbers guy and the computer geek. Wonder what kind of a trip this is going to be?

I didn’t have to wonder long! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! The entire eight hours (four hours down and four hours back) was entertaining, enlightening, and enjoyable! We had a few philosophical discussions, we told stories, we got to know each other better, and I even got a little bit of work done too! (I’m a great multitasker. . . ) I have a new respect and appreciation for my three traveling compadres, and I’ll take a road trip with them anytime!