A Douglass Staycation

When our girls were younger, Sterling and I couldn’t afford (and sometime simply chose not) to go away  for an “alone” weekend.  Instead, we shipped the kids off to friends’ homes, and we stayed at home—didn’t waste time traveling, got to sleep in our own comfy bed, and just had a wonderfully relaxing few days at home. I guess you could say we discovered the benefits of the staycation years before everyone else (although I’m certain there are many others who have done the same thing).

Anyway, this last weekend Sara and Sean decided to have a staycation as well, and we were the happy benefactors! We inherited the five Douglass kids on Friday and got to keep them until Sunday evening—and what a great weekend it was!

I got to remember what it was like to be a taxi driver, to and from practices and games and school. . . great memories—and great relief that it was only a temporary thing! Ten-year-old Seth had a football practice on Friday and his very first game on Saturday; we went and cheered him on! And believe it or not, I (yes, me, the doting grandmother and head honcho of Stampin’ Up!, a scrapbooking company of sorts) FORGOT to take a single photo. I almost made him put his uniform back on after the game, but I knew we couldn’t recapture the moments on the field.

After the game we went to a movie Nanny McPhee Returns—worth it!), downed a tub or two of popcorn and then went out to eat at Chili’s, the kids’ favorite restaurant. We took them home fully satisfied—on all levels, I hope! At least they all slept pretty soundly!

On Sunday, they came to church with us, and then Sara and Sean came over for dinner on Sunday and picked them up. The two of them looked properly rested, the Douglass kids looked properly spoiled (that’s a grandparents’ role, isn’t it?), and the grandma and grandpa looked properly tired! I’d call that a success all the way around. . . .