Barbecue and Volleyball in Riverton

Today was our Riverton  Summer Barbecue and Volleyball Tournament—we have had a summer celebration of some type for years, but this is the second year we’ve had the volleyball tournament. It’s always fun to go out and watch the different teams play—it’s single elimination and takes about two hours with the final round taking place around noon or so.

Congratulations to this year’s winners! The team was actually called Losers, and I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not sure what department they came from. . . .sorry, guys! Everyone had fun, and I wanted to call out the team from our events department for their team spirit—the players wore red shirts and white headbands, and they had a couple of cheerleaders waving red pompoms!

I have to admit that everyone looked remarkably different—this is the one day of the year when we dress casual, and I mean casual. Most people were in shorts and flip flops! I loved it!

The food was good, the company was great, and as I mingled with people, I was reminded once again how much I enjoy working with such wonderful individuals! I can’t show pictures of everyone like I did at Kanab last week, but I’ve got a collection from the volleyball tournament.

Thank you, home office family, for all you do!

After the barbecue we had another fun event—one of our employees, Robert Scarletti, is a National Guard reservist, who left a couple of months ago on his second tour of duty. Before he left he nominated Stampin’ Up!—and his supervisor, Lisa Silva—for a service award given to organizations and individuals who are especially supportive of the military.

We were selected for the award, and a military representative presented the award today. I was proud of Robert and his willingness to serve our country, I was proud of Lisa and all she does, and I was honored to be recognized for our commitment to our brave military men and women who are willing to protect us and the freedoms we enjoy. It was a nice way to end a wonderful day!