We’ve had our annual Gardner Girls’ Gathering (GGG) the past few days—started Monday and we’ll be ending today. It’s shorter than normal, but so much is going on that we had to take what we could get!

A GGG wouldn’t be a GGG without shopping and food (mostly chocolate!), so we started on Monday with both. We had lunch at a mall in Salt Lake City, then shopped for make-up and shoes. And because when we’re together we get a little silly, we saw an empty store window and couldn’t resist the chance to pretend to be mannequins for a few short moments.

We checked into a Park City hotel in the afternoon, just as the power went out. We sat around in our room for an hour or so, getting progressively hotter and hotter! While it was uncomfortable for most of us, our pregnant Mama Sage started to feel sick, so we stuck her inside the fridge for a few minutes, which probably didn’t help much but provided some more silly entertainment!

Finally, we decided to just go to dinner, hoping that power would be back on when we came back.

We found out that Megan had never had Thai food, and there happened to be a great Thai restaurant nearby, so we took it upon ourselves to introduce Megan to that yummy, very distinct cuisine. She loved it. But we stuck with chocolate for dessert—we ordered one molten lava cake but it was way too tiny, so we had to order a second!

Yesterday was much more laidback. We slept in, read a little, worked on a few projects (usually I bring a craft, but this year I ran out of time, so everyone knew it was BYOP—Bring Your Own Project), enjoyed a massage, ate ice cream, and mostly visited.

That’s really what the GGG is all about—sharing what’s going in our lives, catching up and connecting in a way that we aren’t able to do when we’re all living our everyday lives (work, husbands, kids, school, church, etc.). We all sat around talking, and when one of us had to go to the restroom, we had to stop talking so that nobody missed out! And even though at night we were fading, we didn’t want to stop talking then either! We just love being together and enjoying that special bond that mothers and daughters share!  

This morning we’ll head home, with a stop for lunch (and a chocolate dessert!). After all, what better way to wrap up a GGG than with delicious food and a little bit more conversation!