One Card at a Time

As promised, here’s the story that goes with the card pouch I posted yesterday; I shared it at the Ft. Worth Regional, so if you attended, sorry about the repetition. But it’s still a great story!

One of the reasons I chose this pouch is because I was talking to Rich Jutkins, our new president, a while back, and he mentioned that he’d started taking cards to church. He said that in the past, as he listened to people speak or teach, he’d often think, “Wow, they just said something that really impressed me, or touched me, or made me a better person. When I get home, I ought to drop them a quick note and thank them.”

But by the time he got home, the moment had passed, and Rich’s good intentions became simply that—intentions.

So now he has the cards with him, and at a moment’s notice, he pulls out a card, writes down a thought, and then gives it to the person right then and there!

Haven’t we all had similar experiences? We’ve wanted to express to someone our appreciation or concern or support or love, but by the time we get to where we can write a card, we’ve forgotten. I loved Rich’s idea, so I’ve tried to keep a few cards with me, and I’ve been trying to follow his example.

I’m an absolute believer that people are touched and strengthened when they receive heartfelt expressions from others, and cards are a wonderful way to do that.

The card pouch I showed is fairly small (holds a handful of standard cards perfectly), provides a little protection as cards get jostled around in your bag or purse, and makes it easy to follow through on those good intentions.  Like I said yesterday, I’m making a pouch for each of my daughters, so they can do the same thing.

You’re welcome to join us in our efforts to make the world a happier place, one card at a time!