Fabric Projects--Next Week!

OK, I know I said on Sunday I’d post yesterday about the fabric skirt and necklace I wore at convention and then again at our first regional, but I have to confess something—I leave for Founder’s Circle this morning, and yesterday I had meetings all day in the office and into the evening. By 8 at night, I wasn't even packed and I still had several projects I needed to wrap up before I could leave.

In addition,  I get back from Founder’s Circle on Sunday night, and then have a jam-packed Monday and Tuesday with our Advisory Board retreat—and I still have things to do for that as well!

So I finally got realistic (I always think I can do it all until the last minute!) and realized that I had to choose between doing those things and getting ready for Founder’s Circle. I hope you understand why I chose Founder’s Circle. . . . I can blog about the fabric projects next week, but I can’t get ready for Founder’s Circle next week!

So when I resurface next Wednesday, watch for that post, OK? In the meantime, I’ll be sharing a Founder’s Circle blog later this week, and I’m certain I’ll blog about the Advisory Board as well.

Thanks for understanding!