Hello, Hamilton

Another full-day regional! And it was a lovely day!

When I got here, I realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve been to this region. Apparently our demonstrators realized that too; they were quick to point it out throughout the day! (smile) I’m glad they miss me!

The day went well. I always learn something at every Stampin’ Up! event that I attend, and the regionals are no exception. I am especially liking the extra Workshop Wows (we’ve had four in the past; now we have six!)—I am always astounded and intrigued at what our demonstrators come up with!

I was excited to show my project. . . I think I’ve mentioned before that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I love it when my family and I have time to have a costume party. We’re planning one this year for our corporate team and their spouses, and this is the invitation to our party!

My favorite set right now is Dark & Dreary, and I’m loving Midnight Musings (the wheel); our party decorations will be designed around these two products. I also love that the invitation is a pull-out card rather than the traditional open-up card. And I like the Raven lace (I told the regional crowd that it reminded me of lingerie lace the first time I saw it). For this project I tied a bow in the lace, then heated it up with the heat tool so it wrinkled up, making kind of a spooky look.

Anyway, the regional went great, and we’re heading back home tomorrow—a long flight here and a long flight back for a short time here, but worth every minute!