A New Near Year Gift Tradition

Who needs New Year’s resolutions? I’m excited about my new New Year’s tradition!

A few years ago, I opted to send out my annual card/newsletter update in the spring as a way to reduce a little holiday stress and free up valuable time to spend with family. I LOVED the way that felt, so I took it a step further this year.

This year, instead of doing Christmas gifts for friends, I chose to do New Year’s gifts!  I told close friends that I had something for them, but I probably wouldn’t have it ready until after the New Year (have to manage those expectations, you know). That allowed me time to relax and enjoy the holidays more, plus instead of frantically trying to finish everything up by Christmas, I spent the last couple of nights relaxing, watching movies, and working on the gift tags that went with the gifts. It was heavenly!

Of course, we still went with Christmas gifts for family—I think the grandchildren would have a hard time getting excited about the New Year gift idea!

The idea of New Year gifts went along with our gifts this year—a gift of essential oils that we hope will help those we care about have a more healthy, happy year—but I like the idea so much that I think we’ll continue with New Year gifts next year, regardless of the actual gift.

I hope your holidays were as peaceful and enjoyable as mine! And I am very excited about what this new year has to offer all of us!