A Taste of Sydney

On our way home from Fiji, we had an overnight layover in Sydney, and I was excited for the chance to show Sage what little of Sydney we could do in an afternoon and evening.

We definitely made the most of our time there. Sydney Harbour is one of my favorite places in the world; you can walk around the harbour and experience such a wonderful mix of great architecture, interesting people, amazing sights . . . it’s just an alive place to be.

The first thing we did once we’d landed and checked into the hotel was look for mincemeat pie. I’d told Sage that she had to try it! We bought our pies at Pie Face, a little streetside pie place that had all sorts of different kinds of pies, including mini dessert pies! We ordered our pies and snacked on them as we headed out on our adventure.

We took pictures at the bridge, on the ferry, walking around Manly Beach (it was plenty crowded!), in front of the Opera House, and everywhere else that caught our eye. We ended the evening with dinner overlooking the harbour, and it was just a wonderfully relaxing way to wrap up our Pacific Area incentive trip week!

We returned home yesterday afternoon, and today at work I was going to lay low. Not to be. . . I’ll tell you more about today tomorrow. (How’s that for a teaser?)